Is It Possible to See Recent Activity in the Yahoo Account Mail

Yahoo email services have been on top since last two decades and have been offering amazing services. This remarkable email service offered by Yahoo mail has brought it to the new heights leaving all competitors apart. Several people access yahoo email services to accomplish certain tasks most importantly; sending and receiving messages, transmission of media files like image doc and video files from one location to another through email.


As security breach in Yahoo happened twice last year,  which left 500 million email accounts vulnerable and prone to successful hacking attempts, users had no control over it. Despite warning made by Yahoo since last many years to secure the email account with two-factor authentication or account key, users could not implement the steps due to lack of knowledge.


As no Yahoo help phone number is active on the web, it’s quite difficult for the users to know about the recent activity, that happened from their device or unknown devices, set up in different location with cybercriminals possessing login details to hacking important details like bank internet banking login details and much more confidential details that can be altered or misused from their end.


In order to prevent those malicious activities, it is essential to have knowledge regarding how to check the recent activity on yahoo mail account.


But not to worry, here are some essential steps that can help you see recent activity in the Yahoo email account.


Check Recent Activity in Yahoo email account through a web browser on PC or Mobile device

  1. Login into Yahoo account and access inbox dashboard
  2. Navigate your mouse to profile image icon and hover on it to find the account info page
  3. Once it gets reflected, click on it and wait for the new page to appear.
  4. As the personal information page gets displayed on the screen, you will leave sidebar on the Yahoo screen
  5. Click on the recent activity tab doing which you will find the login attempts on the personal or official Yahoo email account from different browsers along with and locations.
  6. If you find unauthorized access on Yahoo account from an unknown location, the immediate change Yahoo password and enable 2-step verification or yahoo account key feature before it gets too late.


Now it’s also possible to check Recent Activity on Yahoo Mail through App installed on a smartphone device, be it is Android or ios device. Just follow certain steps and you will find the recent activity details accessing the email account.


Still,  in case, you find trouble checking recent activity on Yahoo mail then, it is recommended to contact help desk experts through third-party toll-free lines that are linked with Yahoo customer support phone number to get immediate assistance when it matters the most.

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